Quick Commentary

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve been battling a cold all week so I’m going to make this quick.  First of all, I’m still waiting for the smart board 😦  We are having six installed at my school and apparently some of the classrooms need some electrical work before their boards can go in.  My classroom’s installation is therefore on hold until the electrical work of others is done.  We are one step closer though; they came and painted the surface where the smart board will be going!  Also this week I started created a smart board reference for myself and my learning project.  So far I’ve found some great sites with smart board games and activities, as well as some sites that have how to information.  I am really excited to start using my smart board.

Secondly, I really enjoyed our lecture on Tuesday night about Understanding Digital Citizenship.  Last fall the middle school that I teach at in Swift Current actually had Alec come present to our student body about digital citizenship and the idea of their digital footprint.  The message is so powerful, but I think it might be lost on many students.  I remember talking to lots of parents last year about their child’s online activity and many told me their son or daughter wasn’t allowed to have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.  At the time I was thinking about how this was such a good idea.  However, after this last lecture and upon learning as much as I have in the past few weeks in this class, it’s true that ignorance is not always bliss.  I totally understand that these parents are simply trying to protect their children from the potential negative outcomes of being a digital citizen, but I think education is the key.  Could we not draw similarities between this and teaching our children about other potentially harmful realities (ex: sex and drugs)?  My parents always thought is was better to be open and honest and trust that I was smart enough to make an informed decision.  Should this not be the same with the digital world that we live in now?  I tweeted and was retweeted (8times!!!) about the idea Alec mentioned about citizenship being built on integrity, on and off line.  We need to be teaching kids, as parents and educators, about what integrity means on and off line.  The big question for me is how do we teach kids that anonymity is not a green light for immoral behaviour/comments.  I know I need to do a better job of teaching and modelling how to source and the difference between copyright and copyleft.

Thirdly, I was playing around a little tonight with my word press account and figured out where you can see your blog stats!  Pretty cool how you can see how many views on any given day, as well as a map of where people are viewing from.  Very cool!

I think that’s all for now.  Every week I’m left with a grocery list of websites to check out, articles to read, videos to watch, people to follow, and concepts to research to better my learning and my citizenship.  I am thoroughly enjoying the learning experience.  Two months ago I would never have imaged myself getting so excited about getting multiple retweets and yet, here I am blogging about it.  Please, if you have any Smart board suggestions I would love for you to comment!

Looking for to Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Quick Commentary

  1. Oh smart boards – how I miss thee. I had one in my classroom for 3 years and recently moved schools and am back to the whiteboard. I never thought I’d miss it so much, but I really do. I think for me is save, save, save. Save the work you did together at the end of the class, because it’s great to be able to pull it up and have your ideas there for the next day. No need for that blasted chart paper anymore! “Eye” charts are a click away!

  2. I feel your pain of waiting for technology to be set up in your classroom. It took 2 years for me to get my own projector and now another 3 and counting to have it mounted. It is so frustrating not to have these tools at our fingertips but having people all over the profession tell us how important it is to utilize technology. As for your smartboard suggestions. You should check out Smart Exchange at http://exchange.smarttech.com/#tab=0. It has a multitude of sources.

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