Right and Left Copy

I’m about to start my students on a new Social Project based on cultures.  I want to begin by explaining them proper sourcing and the difference between right and left copy and how to use each.  Any suggestions?  I’ve never modelled this before and don’t really understand creative commons myself.  I would also love if anyone has any recommendations for cool e-tools or digital ways to help their learning of another culture delve a little deeper I would love to hear them.  

Penzu journals are going really well; the students seem to really enjoy them!  My Vice Principal came in last week to observe one class writing them in the computer lab and he thought it was a really cool tool.  Today, one of my ELA classes entered my room eager to find out if we were doing Penzu today.  The other cool thing about Penzu that I realized last week is that you can get the App on your iphone if you have a classroom account. This makes it possible for me to read my students entries wherever and whenever.  

Today I tried using pechaflickr as a creative writing prompt.  We were talking about main ideas in reading and writing.  The students chose “train travel” as their subject for their writing and that’s what we entered in the search box.  I asked the students to pre-write/brainstorm for this topic as the pictures came up.  From here they will take the details they brainstormed and turn them into a short story.  I will let you know how the stories come out, whether they’re coherent or not.  Either way, my students really enjoyed this way of engaging their imagination.

Lastly, the SMART board learning continues.  I am nowhere near being the efficient, expert in SMART technology that I would like to be, but there is just so much potential!  Next week I am participating in a one day professional development opportunity that my division is offering to SMART board newbies.  However, I want to take my SMART board use beyond the generic.  Anyone out there use an iPad with their SMART board?  I’d love to hear about how you utilize the two collaboratively!  


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