My Summary of Learning

I’m not totally sure that this passes as a digital artefact to summarize the most significant aspects of learning in this class, but I wanted to give Prezi a try.  I hope the link works.  I tried to embed some links to videos and my twitter feed, but it’s my first go at a Prezi, so we will see.  I really enjoyed learning how to put this together and add images, such as my Penzu journal, which I had to learn how to take a screenshot first.  I didn’t want to overwhelm the Prezi with writing, but at the same time wanted to explain my key learnings.  I hope it comes across that I wasn’t very aware at the beginning of this course and I still may not be totally tech savvy, but that in relation to where I began I have grown immensely!  Perhaps I should have used the iceberg Prezi format and not the tree since I feel that two thirds of this digital world is still beyond my awareness.


2 thoughts on “My Summary of Learning

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Great format for your Summary of Learning. I think your Prezi is organized in a way that really does explain all that you have accomplished during this course. Our school division uses Mimio Interactive Whiteboards instead of SMARTBoards, and I do most of the training for the staff. This is a resource I always share with them:
    It is a link to a huge library of interactive lessons which work with all interactive whiteboards. Best of all, you don’t have to build anything ahead of time. Perhaps you may find it to be useful.

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